Thursday, March 29, 2007

Getting ready

Well, I'm getting ready to go on the women's reatreat tomorrow. It feels strange to pack again. I really haven't been anywhere in almost two years. I think my last venture out of state was Hilton Head Island two summers ago. Anyway, I'm trying to get all my junk together and finish up some stuff around the house.

I know I'll be okay...I know Matthew and James will be okay, but I really dread leaving them (even for a couple of nights). I've never spent the night away from my little one since he was discharged. (Okay, so that's not totally true considering my surgery last summer, but I didn't know in advance I would have to stay overnight so it doesn't really I was too drugged up to know I wasn't at home.)

Okay...the point I'm trying to make is that while I'm excited about the retreat, I'm not excited about retreating from Matthew or even James.

On another note, I'm not happy that Chris was voted off American Idol last night. I loved his voice, his personality, and the fact that he didn't fit their cookie cutter mold. I guess I should have spent my time voting and not doing laundry.

I guess my lunch is almost over.

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