Thursday, April 26, 2007

Looking at things differently

Literally and figuratively speaking: Picked up my new glasses today. They're okay so far. I'm still adjusting to them. Also relating to my vision, I pick up the contacts Tuesday.

On a more serious note: I was finally able to really pray last night. I know that sounds strange because I've been fine and I feel like my relationship with God is okay. When it comes to work, though, I haven't really prayed about it because I didn't really know what to pray. Like the human that I am, I've just been avoiding the topic altogether when I prayed. You know how sometimes you don't know what to ask for? Well, I'm a little embarrassed that it took me months to just say, "God, I don't really know what to say, but I guess I just need that unexplainable peace that only you can give."

This is where it gets interesting: I felt so much better the second those words came out of my mouth. I just felt like that burden was gone. Fast forward to this morning: the co-worker I referred to in the last post told me that she turned in her notice when I was out on Tuesday. I really do like her. She's a lot of fun and I'll miss her, but she was making me miserable. She was miserable and mad the second she walked in every morning; we work in a small space and that kind of outlook gets contagious. It's hard to look forward to work anyway, much less be content with your job when someone you work with is constantly downing the place.

Anyway...I'm point is that I'm okay now. I was okay before I knew that she turned in her notice, but I just think that's a nice example of how God takes care of things when I finally turn it over to Him.

My Bear is calling and I've got to get the radio ready. James is sitting in with I2T on the Jon Walden show on WDJC tonight.

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