Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Matthew's 1 Year Checkup

Let me just start by saying that God is so good! I know I use the phrase "we've come a long way" too much, but it's so true! A year ago, Matthew weighed 3 pounds and was 16 inches long. He was hanging out in his temporary home, the incubator, wearing the jaundice shades with tubes and wires coming from every direction. We knew that he would be fine, but we also knew it would be a long road.

Fast forward to today's checkup: Matthew is a hair shy of 23 pounds and 29 inches long! He's in the 50 percentile for both, which makes him perfect. (I didn't need a chart to tell me he's perfect. LOL!) Anyway, after this can of formula runs out, my little boy graduates to whole milk. (Although my checkbook is excited, I'm not sure I'm ready for this step.) His pediatrician went down her list of one year milestones and was able to check most of them off. He's doing so well and she was more than thrilled with his progress. Also, keep in mind that she's going by his chronological age, not his corrected age. (Chronologically, Matthew is one year, but corrected he is only 9 months.) How awesome!

Thank you so much to everyone who has prayed for our baby! If you ever needed an example of God's provision and love, just look at my Matthew. He's our miracle and evidence that God hears His children when they pray.

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