Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What a weekend!

What a weekend! It's hard to believe it's over already. Of course, the main events were Matthew's party, his dedication, and Mother's Day. Hopefully I'll be able to get my pics uploaded and edited pretty quickly.

Matthew's very first birthday party went very well...especially when you consider how many babies and tots were there. We had five babies under one year old and five under five years. I thought all of our little ones tolerated the event rather well. One interesting thing to mention is that Matthew hated the birthday cake. He hated the taste of it, he hated having it on his hands, and he hated the production of it. He wasn't a fan of the whole "cake thing." In his defense, he was in desperate need of a nap at this time and he just wasn't into being the center of attention. We ended up having 37 people there...and we only invited family. It didn't seem like that many people at the time, but when you write it down, that's the number you get. Our family has really expanded since we've married and had kids!

Moving along, Matthew's baby dedication was Sunday morning. It was so great! The whole experience was really nice and I'm glad we were able to do it. Matthew was pretty well behaved, but I thought it was pretty funny that he was trying to grab the flowers that were on display. I was tempted to let him play with them, but Baptist in me knew that some little lady on the decorating committee was probably having a hissy fit. (After five years in ministry, I learned that little ladies get rather vicious when you mess with floral arrangements.) It was also great that so many of our family members were able to come. Nana (my mom), Drew, Ganna (Gale), Granny, and Glenda all came to share that moment with us.

Although it was super busy, my first non-NICU Mother's Day was really nice. Matthew and James made a card for me. Don't tell James, but I think Matthew did most of the work. They called it "Mommy Day" on the card; I love it! Anyway, after lunch with my mom, Drew, James, and Matthew, we were able to hang out with the Copeland/Carroll/Roan crew for a while. It was nice to spend time with everyone and just hang out. The most memorable thing to me was all of those babies crawling around Granny's floor. It was quite a sight to behold.

Well, I've got to go...Later.

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