Saturday, June 30, 2007

Random catching up

Overall, I'm in a good mood. I haven't really had time to myspace in a while so I have to play catch up once a week or so. Everything has gotten back to normal again; I'm still behind on laundry, but for the most part, life is good.
I racked up at bunco Monday night! I won two of the three prizes! How fun! I've had a good time being a part of this group.

I had a good time with our GA girls last Wednesday night. I got the honor of filling in for their teacher while she was out. I also was given the opportunity to "lead" our Sunday School lesson last week. I really enjoyed that, but I still have issues when it comes to "teaching" adults since I was in children's ministry for so long. Oh how I love my Sunday School class, but I guess that's another time and place... Really, the class is so uplifting! You should come! Geez, I love my church!

I'm singing tomorrow for the first time since we left our last ministries. At this point, I won't say I'm nervous, but it feels really surreal since I haven't done a solo of any kind since Matthew was born! My recent singing bouts have been limited to Wiggles and VeggieTales covers, so you can see how this is a little different.

Lastly, I thought I would mention this: like usual, just when I start getting comfortable again, a little statement comes along and starts getting me all uneasy inside. We all know that change isn't easy, especially when you AREN'T looking for it. Well, I haven't talked about this much even with my family (somethings are meant to be on the DL for a reason) but I recently got a nice promotion which I'm very thankful for. I feel great about the way things are shaping up at work and I haven't felt "great" about work in a long time. We've just hired a new NP, whom I adore, and a new head nurse (haven't really met her yet) and we've got one last slot to fill. Anyway, we were walking through WalMart last night and ran into a friend and did some catching up with her. Anyway, long story short, she mentions that she's now doing research and I make the comment that I was in research before I transferred to my current department. After doing some talking, she urged me to send my resume to her.

Now, could I do that job? Sure. I have no doubt. Would I like it? Sure. Do I think anything would come of it? Probably not. Do I want to leave my current job? Not really. Do I owe it to myself to at least try? Probably. I'm honestly not looking around at all. I just think it's ironic that I get nice and comfortable again and even the simple statement, "please send me your resume" is enough to turn my world into a whirlwind. That's a stretch, I'll admit it, but I just don't know if I'm going to send it or not.

Anyway, I think we're meeting the Stallion for lunch and it's 12:40. I need to look better than this if I'm going out in public. Later...

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Vikki said...

You did an awesome job with your song on Sunday!! Please sing more often! As for teaching you do great with any age! I have witnessed that with the youth and with the Women's group! Glad you did great at Bunco! I hope I get to play this month!!

Congrats on the promotion!!