Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's so hot...still

I think we're living the in the AntiNarnia. Who's going to save us? Is it going to be hot forever? Will we ever see winter again? I'd settle for fall. At least I'd know the end is in sight.

Random Stuff

Okay, there are a couple of things worth mentioning here:
1. Matthew saw the ENT doc today. We're scheduled for tubes next week. We're relieved for him; the ear infections really have been rough for him. Last night was yet another night that he cried all night long. It was pitiful. Matthew and I didn't actually fall asleep until 3:45 this morning.

2. On that note, since we don't have to get up with him at night much anymore, I forgot my old tv lineup. They've changed all of my 2 AM staples. It seems that I ended up watching Dog, Glenn Beck, Unwrapped, House Hunters, King of the Hill, and random cartoons here and there. The good news is that I caught another showing of Typhoid Mary on PBS. I highly suggest watching it if you get the chance. It's more than I ever wanted to know about Typhoid in the Bronx.

3. James and I both (finally) got hair cuts. Whew!

4. I'm praying that we-meaning James- cuts the grass soon. It's starting to look like we don't live here anymore. I keep seeing all of these commercials about the air quality in Jefferson County. Those commercials remind us of things like lawnmowers, cars, etc. that are harmful to the environment around us. I just keep telling myself, like the campaign slogan says, that we're "doing our share for cleaner air." I can't push that too much longer. It's wearing thin.
I guess that's it for now. Later.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Fired my doctor...

This was big for me. I'm so bad when it comes to confronting any kind of issues, but sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands. This could be long, so I'll see what I can do to shorten it.

We liked Dr. Stone; we really did. I'm not a needy patient anyway, so it takes a good bit to get me irritated. This only came about because my annual exam is right around the corner and I knew I needed to get it scheduled. I decided to go with a new doc because it's been made very clear that I'll be high risk next time I'm pregnant (which should be many moons from now). I chose to go with a UAB doc because of the high risk situation and, even though that doesn't matter right now, I thought it would be good to be established with someone before the first little thought of baby 2 comes into the picture.

Anywho, I requested a copy of my ENTIRE medical record from Dr. Stone. Naturally, I thought that would be good to have since my pregancy with Matthew was so complicated. Get this, there was nothing (NOTHING) in the record that even mentioned that I had Matthew at 28 weeks. Nothing about premature delivery at all, nothing mentioned about spontaneous delivery, nothing but my stinking blood pressure and weight from each visit. What the crap? Should that not have been charted?

Anyway, I'll get over it. That just makes me feel even better about my decision to go with someone else. Dr. Stone wasn't horrible, but I always felt like I didn't even have an OB when I had Matthew. Well, if you look at the records, I didn't.

Life goes on...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Please pray...

Here's something I'd like all of you to remember as you pray: our friend Beth and her family really needs your prayers right now. Please pray for comfort, healing, and just for God to be with her and her family right now.

You've may have heard us mention one of our youth ministry friends named Beth before. She lives in the Huntsville are and we know her through Youth Specialties and through YMX. Anyway, Beth and her husband had their daughter, Sarah Beth, a month before Matthew was born. She was also premature and did time in the NICU so it was nice to have someone close by who could relate to what we were experiencing.

They were expecting again, but this time, a little boy. I just found out she had him on August 4 and he was still born. They named him Bryan Luke. Please keep this family in your prayers. They need to feel God's touch right now.