Saturday, October 6, 2007


Bronchitis, that is. For those not in any kind of medical field, 466.0 is the ICD9 code for bronchitis. It seems that 466.0 is the culprit for my Matthew coughing all night long and sounding like an irate rhinoceros. At least we finally know that we're not just being paranoid and that there really was cause for concern. We'll give the antibiotic and the albuterol some time to work. I feel like he'll be fine by Monday.

Because of this 466.0, I've watched way too much tv in the last few days! Lot's of Playhouse Disney (Matthew's fav), lots of Discovery Health, lots of Noggn, lots of ABC Family, and TONS of Food Network on demand.

Anyway, believe it or not, I'll actually be glad to get back to work Monday. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather be with my little man, but I hate going back to work after I've been out. I feel like it takes me two weeks to catch up from being out. I'd rather just get everyone's mess cleaned up from when I was gone and get it over with. Anyhow...I guess that's it for now. COA heads out for their show in Tennessee in just a few hours; I guess I need to make sure they're good to go.


Vikki said...

I am glad Matthew is feeling better! I hate that we did not get to go to TN. I miss you all!! Love ya!

Joan said...

How's everyone feeling? Sorry to hear you've been sick.