Saturday, October 6, 2007


Grrrr! I was almost finished and I mistakenly closed the tab before I posted it!
The summary: We're alive, we've just been busy chasing Matthew around and watching VeggieTales SingAlongs. Also, especially since I just lost everything I wrote, I will choose not to go into detail about a certain Iranian dictator and my thoughts on his visit to my country. I will also decline to comment on the Jena Six controversy, but that doesn't mean I'm not paying attention.

I'm also trying to stop saying "sucks" and "freakin'." The mom in me doesn't want those to be Matthew's first words. Something along the lines of "applesauce" or "ducky" would be more appropriate. Let's see...what else... I guess that's it for now. I've got more laundry to do before I go to bed.

PS: I think we're almost out of the Anti-Narnia, emotionally and literally speaking.

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