Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My favorite bounty hunter

Well, I've never really tried to hide the fact that I'm all about some Dog the Bounty Hunter. I can watch it all night long, over and over again. I find that it really enhances my laundry folding experience at least once or twice a week. Some people are surprised to find that I'm a Dog fan, although I'm not really sure why.

Dog, Dog, Dog. I certainly don't use the infamous "n-word" myself; really, I'm 100% confident that you've never heard me say that. About all you'll be able to scrape up on me is crap, freakin, sucks, and a certain "s-word" that seems to come out of my mouth ONLY when I'm in a car accident (I've been a passenger in 3 and I've said it each time). Anyway, enough about me. Dog, you just can't say that. I know it's not right that it's only offensive if a white person says it, but I can't change that. I fervently believe that it's equally as racist to throw a flippin fit about it because a white person said it when at least 50% of rap songs throw it around like it's nothing.

Anyway, I'm already going through Dog withdrawals. It's just not right. We say that we're a society all about forgiveness, but that's crap. It doesn't matter how much good you do if you're a Christian; society-especially this idiotic left wing media circus- is waiting for you to fall. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think it matters how much Dog asks for forgiveness or how much counseling he attends. It probably won't matter who he befriends because the damage is done. They caught the Dog at a weak, private moment and they're all eating it up.

I don't know what goes on in his private life; it's not my business. However, I think it's the most freakin ridiculous thing that someone can be destroyed over a single word used in a PRIVATE phone call. It sucks so bad that his son sold him out to a stupid tabloid. They live to destroy people. I think it's getting a little Nazi Germany in this country when someone can be yanked off the air for something that was said in a private phone call. What's next? Are you going to implant chips in our heads that tell us what to think? Will I be arrested for thinking this sucks?

I'm don't agree with what he said, but, holy crap, where's the grace and forgiveness that everyone has needed before? (I can feel my blood pressure climbing as I type this!) Back when the Imus controversy was brewing, I heard the Thought Police himself, Rev. Al Sharpton say that, in private, he knows he says things about other races that he knows he shouldn't say. I heard it on Glenn Beck. The only difference here is that no one ever taped him. Dog got caught doing something that, albeit is wrong, that pretty much EVERYONE has done at least once or twice.

Don't get me wrong, I honestly, with all my heart, refuse to say that I'm even a little racist, but every non-white person I work with reminds me on a daily basis that I'm ONLY where I am because I'm white. I get reminded all the time that no one cares about who I am or how qualified I am, I'm only where I am because I'm white. I'm just saying it's hard to not let that get to you and not build up a defense to it. It's not easy being white in a politically correct world. I may get some nasty feedback about this stuff, but it's true.

Now, back to my initial point, put my Dog back on A & E! I truly believe he's sincerely sorry for the things he said and the people he hurt. Now would be a super time to exercise the old philosophy that everyone's human and everyone deserves a second chance. Get the transcript from and think for yourself. They were trying to betray him. Dog, I wish you a speedy recovery. I miss you already.

(Geez, my blood pressure can't be good right now.)

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Joan said...

You'd better stop by the pharmacy on the way home and sit in the little chair with an arm grip for a minute!

Thanks for sharing honestly. Not sure I've given it that much thought. I have never seen Dog - can't get past the mullet. Now, there's my prejudice - bad hair styles!!