Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh yeah...

Not that anyone needs to know every little detail, but...

I have started back to school (YIKES!) despite my Relient K "College Kids" philosophy on the whole degree fad. I finally chose Human Resources Management because I thought I could use it in several different ways. I figured I needed to take advantage of my motivation before I change my mind.

Also, Matthew is so snotty and puny right now. We're taking him to the doctor in the morning. I'm sure it's just something we've got to get through, but he's got a nasty cough, his ear is draining again, he has no energy, or appetite. All of that with the constant nasal drainage says it's time to consult the doctor, especially since the FDA has nixed infant cold medicine.

Anyway, I guess this is pretty much it. I need to go calm my self down and try to get my contacts out. I think I just need some quiet time with God. Please continue to remember the Burgess family and all of the Rick and Bubba family in your prayers as they celebrate the life of that precious little boy.

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