Sunday, January 20, 2008


It's so strange how everything becomes different in your life when you have a child. James and I were talking about this on the way home from Caleigh's birthday party this afternoon. We were talking about the Burgess family and the pain they must be going through. We were talking about how horrible it would be to be crying your eyes out and holding one of your other children trying to comfort them and help them through the loss of a brother. My heart just breaks for that whole family; it's just so awful.

Life is so precious and so wonderful. Every little smile, every little hug, every time Matthew wants a bite of what I'm eating instead of his food, every snuggle, every time I catch him smiling at Jack's Big Music Show, or laughing because he splashed water out of the tub; it's all so wonderful and I'm so blessed to have this little baby in my life. We're so blessed to have been given the responsibility of helping him become the man God needs him to be. Children really are a blessing that you don't truly understand until you have one of your own. I always loved children before Matthew, but I never really understood that bond until Matthew was born.

We're just so blessed to have our little boy. He truly is our gift from God.

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