Monday, May 4, 2009

The Latest Rundown

We just finished up another busy week and it doesn't look like our lives are going to slow down anytime soon. That's okay, though. We're quite familiar with being over-scheduled and all of the fun stuff that comes along with it. Here's what we've got going on in the next little bit:

1. Matthew's Backyard Splash Party on Saturday- That pretty much means that this entire week will be devoted to preparing for the party and there will be little time for reading my Half-Blood Prince book. As dorky as it sounds, I did go to and find one of her planners I remembered reading about in her Taking Care of the Me in Mommy book. Not that there's anything wrong with Lisa Whelchel's organizational tips, but some might think an excel spreadsheet of my to-do list is a little over the top. Anyway, this has allowed me to get a daily list of birthday party chores to guide me through the week. Hopefully this will help me remember everything (even the chores that I tend to neglect out of sheer loathing).

2. Mother's Day- Not really sure what we're doing for our moms yet. That's the bad thing about having Matthew's birthday party the day before. It's not easy to focus on both of them. Anyway, we'll have to come up with something this week. I've got some ideas, but I need to run them by the James.

3. Women of Joy Trip to SC next week- I'm heading to SC next week with a group of Ladies from Bethel. I'm super-excited about this trip. I love these Women of Joy conferences anyway. How great to be able to attend with some wonderful ladies from Bethel! I'm not sure who all is going yet. I only know Susan, Savanna, and DJ for sure. I'm anxious to see who else is coming.

4. Liberty- We started a new page in our ministry yesterday at Liberty Baptist Church. We really had a great day and I'm excited about learning more about the church, the people, and the community we now serve. I'm sure we'll be spending the next few weeks learning the ropes there and just getting a general feel for the way they do things there. That's to be expected, though.

5. Roaring Twenties @ Bethel- On that note, I've got two more weeks left with my Roaring Twenties group at Bethel. We're finishing up our most recent study that talks about leaving a lasting legacy with your life. I'm sad to leave this group, but I know they'll be in great hands with Vikki when I leave. She has always loved them and I know she'll be a great example and leader for them. They really are a great group and I know that they will do amazing things with their lives.

Anyway, I guess that's pretty much it for now. Back to work...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Emily! I hope you guys have a blast this weekend celebrating Matthew (Happy Birthday!) We are having Elianna's party on Saturday as well. Hoping the rain will stay away. :o) Have a great Mothers Day. Take care! -Sierra