Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon & Kate!

I'm not really sure I have anything too exciting or anything somewhat interesting, but I'm at work, counting down the days until I can do the job I was made to do (47 days to be exact), and trying to keep going in the mean-time. I'm caught up on everything for now and keep going back to the news pages and can't escape the Jon and Kate announcement.

I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I'm bummed about Jon and Kate divorcing. It's not like I actually know them or have any right to comment on their lives, but I just thought they'd be able to work it out. I was hoping the "big announcement" would just be that they terminated their contract (not their marriage) and have decided to seek marriage counseling. Not so much. I was so upset when that message flashed on the screen about the papers being filed yesterday. I was a big baby and even cried. Matthew looked up at me and asked, "Mommy, why you sad?" I told him I was upset about something on Jon & Kate and he replied, "Mommy, they not do anything to you!"

Precisely the point, Little One. I shouldn't be so upset, but I thought they were different. They've always been vocal about their relationships with God. I know this is another classic example of how you can't put your trust in people. People fail. Even people who love God and try to follow Christ fail sometimes; it's got to be even worse living in the public eye like that.

The Hollywood media is like a pack of vultures. They wait for celebrities, or even semi-celebs in this case, to succumb to the everyday drama that engulfs the Hollywood society. They prey on misery and sad stories. I'm surprised the media hasn't started attacking them regarding their Christianity and the happenings (or alleged happenings) over the last several months. That just goes to show that the media only knows the post-scandal Jon & Kate and they never cared about pre-scandal life for that family.

Anyway, so Matthew said we needed to pray for Jon & Kate, or Kake as he calls her, so that's what we did. We stopped and prayed for them and their family and that they would allow God to restore them and bring them back to the place He has for them.

Some could say that this is just tv, but it's an actual family and it's been hard to see them picked apart at every opportunity. I'll get over it, but it's still sad that yet another marriage and family has been destroyed by the media.

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