Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The things he says...

Okay, I know every parent has these moments where he/she just can't believe the things these kids say, but we've been having lots of them lately. I find myself blown away what Matthew says. Here are just a few worth sharing:

1. "You like that, Mommy? I told you I could do it." This was said after I commented on his pull-up being dry when he woke up Monday morning.

2. "Thomas has issues." His bathtub squirt toy Thomas the Tank Engine is clogged and I wasn't sure how to explain it to him so I just said he's got some issues we need to take care of. Now, we've heard him saying that Thomas has issues during the most random times. Pretty funny.

3. "He not would like that. That makes him sad. We can't eat him" This came up when we were talking about the possibility of making a Mickey Mouse cake. All I said was that I could make a Mickey cake for him and the next thing you know, he was pleading Mickey's case.

4. "Daddy's a dirty tank engine." I love this! We all have characters on Thomas and Friends and Matthew said this after playing in the bathtub one night because his James engine wasn't as clean as the James character likes to be.

5. "I'm going to check on you every time." I can't even explain it... too complicated, but I love it when he says this!

6. "I take my milk seriously." This actually surfaced a few months ago when James pretended to drink Matthew's chocolate milk. Matthew got incredibly upset and informed James that he takes his milk seriously. It's now a running joke in our house.

7. "No, don't say that every time." This happened last night as I was busted for not paying complete attention to what he was saying. I was doing the traditional "uh huh, yes, okay..." cycle until I thought his story was over. Instead, he realized that I wasn't listening like I should be and called me out on it. I felt awful about it, but I deserved it!

Okay, I guess that's it for now. There's lots more, but unfortunately they get hard to remember word for word when you don't write them down at that very moment. Maybe you just have to hear him say these things, but he constantly cracks us up!

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