Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Friday!

For the sake of reminding myself, there's a lot I need to write about before I forget. I'm referring mainly to summer youth retreat. I just haven't had the time to sit down and reflect since we got back. It seemed like we were thrown back into the bustle of a busy work week the moment we got back in town.

There's a lot going on this weekend so I'm not sure when I'll have time to share what God laid on my heart there. Maybe I can get have a moment of stillness before it's all gone. I was just so moved by the time we spent with our group and I don't want to forget why.

Busy weekend... Family wedding tomorrow (we're staying in Onteonta tonight so we don't have to make two trips there in less than 24 hours). Then, of course, there's church on Sunday, complete with a retreat report on Sunday night. Then we will be thrown back into the grind again on Monday morning.


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