Thursday, August 20, 2009


Happy Thursday! I just thought I would take a moment and check in since I haven't posted in several days. Everything is good with us, but, as usual, we've stayed pretty busy. There's nothing necessarily worth mentioning here, but I will mention a few things.

1. Our pastor search at Liberty. We've brought in two of the three candidates and I'm already so overwhelmed by the possibilities and opportunities each choice could send our way. James and I haven't met or heard the third candidate yet, but he's due to visit and preach in a couple of weeks, so it could get even harder to decide. We've really enjoyed meeting the families and hearing the first two candidates; both are wonderful. It certainly would be a lot easier if one was wonderful and the others left a lot to be desired. All of our choices be easier that way! Please join us as we pray for God's will to be done as we choose the man (and his family) who will lead our church.

2. Matthew is still praying for all of his trains at night. It's really pretty cute! (God, thank you for Thomas, and thank you for Percy, and thank you for Spencer...)

3. Staying home with Matthew is really nice. I don't think either of us has fully adjusted yet, but I know it takes time. It's great to have him run up to me at any given point just to kiss me on the nose and have time to play with him. I have to be honest though, he rarely wears shirts and pants around the house these days. The moment he gets up he starts stripping down to his Thomas underwear. He claims that he can "play better" without shorts on. How crazy!

We start our preschool workbooks in the next couple of weeks. I think that will give us a better idea of the kind of structure we'll need on a daily basis. Until then, it's been nice just hanging out with him.

4. The other aspect of staying home: housework! It's actually not so bad for me right now. It's kind of crazy having time to dust, mop, and the other things that didn't get done as often as they should. It's also been nice to have time to do some real cooking. I've always been good about cooking, even when I worked, but it makes a huge difference in your motivation when you aren't rushed for time to get it prepared, cooked, eaten, and cleaned-up. In fact, the menu for tonight is tuna cakes, honey glazed carrots, and roasted potatoes. Could I pull that off getting started at 6:30? Probably not, and even if I could pull it off, I'd be cleaning it all up until bedtime!

Anyway, I guess that's about it. We've got a busy weekend, as usual, but I'm looking forward to it. We've got a 1st birthday party on James' side and a girls night on my side, along with church on Sunday.

As always, we continue to be incredibly blessed by our loving and wonderful Father God. There truly is none like Him!

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