Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Reflection

Well, I've been a bad blogger recently, mostly just due to the craziness from moving, unpacking, and preparing for the holidays and the fact that, sometimes, I just can't think of anything worth posting about. Of course, that implies that most of my posts are somewhat interesting... ha ha. At least I know that I mainly do this to clear my mind and get it all down on paper, if nothing else, just to document what I was thinking or doing throughout the seasons of my life.

With that said, Thanksgiving 2009 has come and gone and Christmas is 26 days away! You know, I'm so blessed and I really do have an endless list of things that make me so grateful. My life has been filled with so many examples of God's love for me, His provision, His guidance, His presence, and His power.

Like I've done in many Thanksgiving posts, here are just a few things I'm thanking my Father for tonight:

1. My husband- After 7 years of marriage and 4 years of dating, I can honestly say that I love James more and more each day. I'm so thankful that God put us together earlier than most and that He gave me the most amazing man out there. James is many things to me-my best friend, my companion, my lover, my partner, my other half. I can't imagine life without him and I am intoxicated by his very presence in a room. I love my James and I'm so blessed to be his wife!

2. Our son- I probably won't get through this without crying, but I can't help being nostalgic as I write tonight. It was 4 years ago tonight-the Sunday after Thanksgiving 2005- that we found out we were expecting Matthew. Looking back at the excitement of that moment, to his birth, to holding that sweet baby, to seeing him sit up for the first time, seeing him crawl, seeing him smile, hearing him laugh and talk for the first time, and everything from then to now, I am so thankful for every minute I have with him. He's growing up so fast on me; he's a little man now, but I'm loving every new phase and stage. I love the excitement he has when he's playing Thomas the Tank Engine, singing his VeggieTales songs, our conversations about everything from food to theology, and the effort he puts into being my big helper. There's so much more, but it's nearly midnight... I'm just so thankful for the privilege of being Matthew's mommy!

3. Staying home- I'm so thankful that God has provided a way for me to stay home with Matthew. I got my first job when I was 16 and was employed every day from then until August 7 of this year. God blessed our family with the opportunity for me to quit my job while our country is in a recession. While my job provided more than half of our income, God has provided for us and completely taken care of us as we took that leap of faith. Many people thought we were crazy, but we prayed about it for months and finally got the message that God was calling me to stay home. I'm so thankful that we were obedient. I love being able to focus myself on my family and embrace the roles that God has called me to: wife to James and mother to Matthew.

4. Liberty- I'm thankful for a new season and the amazing body of believers we've found at our church. I'm so thankful for the call that God has placed on our lives. I'm thankful for the impact they've made in our lives in such a short amount of time. I'm so thankful that God allows us to serve and I look forward to many years and seasons with our Liberty family.

In closing, I really am so blessed. I'll never fully understand why God chose me, but I'm so glad He did! I really am the most blessed person I know and I continue to be so undeserving. Thank you God for this journey, for my family, my friends, my opportunities to make a difference, and for loving me more than I'll ever deserve.

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