Friday, November 20, 2009

What Have You Been Doing Lately?

"What Have You Been Doing Lately?" is the title of one of my favorite Relient K songs. I can't help but hear this song running through my head when I look at some of the students we've known in our eight years of ministry.

I know the song probably sounds harsh, but sometimes you've got to be straight with people. This song is raw and real:

"Pardon me while I throw up. I guess some people never grow up. What happened to the salvation you claimed? It breaks my heart to see how much you've changed."

It's really sad though, because there are some who will break your heart. Some of these kids have turned out to be amazing young adults and are really doing wonderful things with their lives. However, there are some that changed over the years and found themselves consumed by the drama, drugs, and greed that runs rampant in our society today. I say this because one of our "kids" in our first ministry was in the paper this week after being booked on four counts of armed robbery. I wish I could tell you I'm stunned.

It's not just him-there are several others too who slowly started to care more about who the world tells you to be rather than who our Father calls us to be.

I'm praying for him-this boy- and the others to be able to turn their hearts and lives around and hear the Father calling them home to His loving arms again.

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