Saturday, January 9, 2010

Little Lady

Okay, so I've never really been a dog person. Never. I've always preferred cats for some reason, even though they are horribly bossy and ungrateful. I have never owned a dog in my life, but know enough to know that they're just, well, different from a cat-owning experience. Well, none of that really matters now. We have accumulated a puppy. Nice, huh?

It all started the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We were walking down the back steps to head to church and heard the unmistakable sound of puppy yelping, which is all rather odd since we don't have a dog, much less puppies. James found the source of the yelping and realized that a ragged, emaciated momma dog had adopted us overnight. Not only did the momma adopt us, she brought a gentleman friend along with her. We presumed him to be the "baby daddy," as they say in the ghetto, but quickly realized that Clifford was just a noble dog trying to take care of his friend and her babies.

Anyway, the reality set in that these two and the babies would be with us for while or at least until they were old enough to send to a shelter. I did my best to stay away all together since I'm not really fond of dogs. After all, there's no sense in getting to know them at all if they're only passing through. Well, we easily found a home for Clifford, but momma and babies were still spending their nights under our porch. Ordinarily I wouldn't care and part of me doesn't really even want to be compassionate, but it's just so cold here right now. Even for January, Alabama isn't usually this cold. It's been bitterly cold this week. We've asked for ideas on how to keep them warm and done the best we can, but it just didn't seem to be enough.

We finally decided it was time to give a gentle, or slightly harassing reminder that these babies and momma really need to find a home. We asked around... no real interest and even called a local animal shelter. It looks like the animals are caught in some office politics, because the former manager of the organization answered the phone and was not anxious to help us at all. We got nowhere with her... she wouldn't even give us any suggestions.

As a last resort, James decided to haul the babies off to the local Wal-mart with a free puppies sign and see what happened. Within 30 minutes or so, they all had homes. However, we didn't have a way to take Momma Cleo, so she's still here. She's quite irritated with us, too. It seems that one of the babies somehow made her way into the family, though. James is such a sucker; he really pushed for us to keep one for "Matthew." "Matthew really needs a dog." "It would be great for Matthew..." Translation: James wants a dog!

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce the newest member of our family: Lady

She was named after Matthew's favorite engine from Thomas and Friends. Not surprising, huh? Well, it is what it is now.... I'm sure adjusting to a family dog should prove interesting.

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