Sunday, October 14, 2012

30 Days of Authenticity- Day 6: Heart of Worship

Okay, so it's Sunday and we're busy.  Sure, we're often busy "for the Lord" on Sundays, but in years in ministry, volunteering, and even just attending I've often been so busy on Sundays that I don't truly worship.  We should first establish that worship isn't something that happens only on Sundays and only during corporate worship.  Worship isn't a song and it isn't just closing your eyes or lifting your hands.  Worship is praising God through your life.  Worship is your lifesong! 

With that said, sometimes it takes a beautifully written song to capture our deepest emotions.  Sometimes it takes a song to say what you've been trying to say all along.  Sometimes we need that song to pull us away from all the busyness and to send us running to His arms.  Today, we should be reminded that authenticity and authentic worship go hand and hand.  Take some time right now to bring Him more than a song; give Him all of you.  Reflect and rest.  Make sure that the heart of worship is more than a song to you.  Make it a reflection of your life and your love for Him. 

*On a side note, I'm not sure why, but this video credits Chris Tomlin for this song and performance.  While Chris Tomlin has brought us many amazing songs, this one is actually by Matt Redman. 

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