Wednesday, September 4, 2013

3rd Grade Curriculum Choices - The Rest of Our Year

Over the last few days, I've shared my picks for our 3rd Grade curriculum choices and the thoughts behind them all.  Now that I've covered Language Arts, Math, Science, and History/Geography, we've come to the end of the 3rd Grade Curriculum overview.  I'm sure any self-respecting educator would notice, however, that there's no post regarding Music, Art, Physical Education, or general enrichment.  I know it looks terrible.  I get that. 

The truth is, that I've just never found the right "curriculum," per se, for any of these topics. Even if I had found something amazing, I most likely wouldn't have had room for it in my budget this year. Like always, I'll be using my Home Learning Year by Year book to help me work these things into our lesson plans.  As I've stated before, that book has been so helpful in guiding our curriculum choices and lesson plans for a few years now.  With that said, working those things into our lesson plans does require a bit more creativity. 

First of all, I'm not an artist.  I have a decent eye for things and I can draw a little bit.  The problem is that I draw like a kid -a talented kid, but still a kid, nonetheless.  Even though my dad and my younger brother are both extremely talented when it comes to art, I'm just not.  Trust me, there's a reason we sent The Boy to Art Camp this summer.  He needed someone who could do more than Diary of a Wimpy Kid illustrations.  :)

When it comes to music, I can carry a tune better than most.  I've been a soprano in church choir since I was a teenager.  I played trombone for 5 years (and played pretty well).  None of that makes me a music teacher though.  In fact, my treble cleft fluency is laughable.  Reading bass cleft like a boss and singing first soprano just doesn't go together.  There's no time to hammer out Every Good Boy Does Fine when you're sight reading a song, right? 

As for P.E., I'm not just a homeschooler, I'm a the mom of a toddler.  She's a precious little toddler and she wants to be my shadow for most of the day.  P.E. in a literal sense is just not practical at this point in our journey.  However, The Boy does get plenty of outside play time.  When outside isn't an option, we still try to move and have fun:  we dance our butts of through the magic of technology and Just Dance. He's also played basketball through our local Upward Sports group for the last few years.  I'm not sure what his sport of choice will be this year, though.  Since we've moved, we no longer have access to Upward.  We'll have to find another option that suits us soon. 

So, yeah, there are a few areas where I just don't have a concrete game plan for the year.  That's where Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, and other awesome websites come into our homeschooling picture.  It's also where lots of homeschooling rockstar moms really help us.  There are sooooo many talented homeschool teachers out there who willingly share there materials.  It's just amazing and it makes creating a well-rounded homeschool year a thousand times easier.  I'll continue using Home Learning Year by Year to make sure we're where we should be for all of these areas and adjusting along the way.  I find incredible resources for these (and all of our other subjects) on a daily basis.  Because of that, even these seemingly neglected areas will get plenty of time in our spotlight this year. 

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