Wednesday, September 11, 2013

3rd Grade Curriculum Choices- Updates

Since I last wrote about our curriculum choices for this year I've been able to add a couple of things to fill in the gaps.  I'm a shameless internet sleuth and I've finally found some great things to help out with our history and arts this year.  One of those is notebooking/lapbooking.

I was aware of the notebooking concept before, but never really gave it a shot because I've always been curriculum driven.  I like to have a book in front of me and, while I like the thought of unit studies, I've never needed to treat our history topics as one.  That has changed dramatically this year.  We no longer have access to the amazing library resources I've used in the last four years of homeschooling.  It's changed how I teach history.  Notebooking is one of those changes.  We don't have as many physical books in front of us, so I've found that embracing notebooking, lapbooking, or whatever you want to call it, really works for us.  We tend to do a mix of the two but we place the pages in our binders.  The activity itself seems to reinforce the information really well for The Boy.  Better yet, there are many free resources available on the web.

The other major change is using All in One Homeschool-Easy Peasy for many of our history, science, and music needs.  Where our lack of library resources fails us, Easy Peasy has saved the day.  I'm not following it for everything, but I'm now using it as a primary resource for history.  I don't plan to change my original study plans for the year. I'm still using Home Learning Year By Year as my guide, but I'm using Easy Peasy for these areas of history and using the notebooking to reinforce.  As for science, I've already used it several times simply because it was a central location to get good visuals for the topics in Spectrum Science.  It will also be a great tool for teaching music.  I've looked at it and I think this is exactly what I've needed to teach music fundamentals and it's free! 

There could still be changes to our plans, but so far internet resources are filling in the gaps nicely. 

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