Sunday, September 8, 2013

Art with Prissy

Prissy is such a busy little creature, she really is.  I would've never dreamed that I'd have to come up with things to keep her occupied while The Boy is doing his schoolwork.  She also wants to do whatever we're all doing.  (Note to self: must communicate dangers of peer pressure well before tweenage years.)  She's only 21 months now, so it's not necessarily appropriate to bog her down with actual curriculum of any kind.  However, I have learned that she loves crayons, paper, learning, and playing.  She wants to be included in our schoolwork. 

Art is no exception.  I thought I'd share a couple of her creations from this week.  I know they're simple and use the same methods, but she loves these tiny pieces of paper.  She really does.  I usually draw an outline of the general shape we're going for and handle the glue placement, but other than that, I let her put the paper where she wants it to go.  She's a happy girl when she's creating! 

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