Thursday, September 12, 2013

Painting with Prissy and The Boy

This week's art project is a pretty popular concept on Pinterest.  Being the Pinterest junkie that I am, I've seen this done a bazillion different ways so I thought we'd try it out.  I'm sure painter's tape would've worked best, but all I could find at the time was masking tape.  It worked fine on Prissy's painting, but it did bleed a little on The Boy's masterpiece.  He doesn't seem to mind too much, so I'm happy with it.  I didn't get any pictures of him working, he was just moving too fast for me! 

This was Prissy's first time with paint and paintbrushes.  I thought she did very well and she had a blast.  :) 

Pardon my toes in the photo.  I just don't care enough to crop them out.  ;)

She thought she was big stuff. 

Sorry for the glare.  You get the idea though. 

Btw, if you're so inclined, you can follow me on Pinterest.  Good night, y'all. 

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