Friday, October 18, 2013

Above the Clouds

To many folks, being above the clouds isn't a big deal.  Some people walk the terminals and board planes every day.  Clouds are probably just clouds to them.  I've always loved clouds.  Something about them takes my breath away.  They're just a little stamp of God's awesomeness for me to see every day.  I constantly notice them. 

James and I had mentioned several times before our trip to Columbus that it was going to be really cool being in the sky.  At that point, we had done our fair share of traveling.  We've even been out of the country, but we've never flown before this. There's no specific reason behind this; it's just that we usually drive when we take trips.  This time was different though. 

These pictures may not be anything special to most folks.  To us though, a chance to watch sunset from above the clouds was indescribable. 

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