Monday, November 4, 2013

Keeping it real... Fall Festival style

We had our Fall Festival at church yesterday.  So many people worked so hard to make it wonderful and it really paid off.  It was a blast for everyone, especially the kids.  There were tons of happy faces around us.  I didn't get many pictures of Matthew because he didn't want to slow down enough to hang out with me and Lucy.  I did snag this great one right before we left. He did some intense bobbing for apples. He was quite a sight. 

As for Prissy, I didn't let her do too much.  For anyone who just couldn't wrap their minds around why I didn't put her in the nursery, check out that lovely green stream coming from her nose.  I believe the slight inconvenience for those around us in church was justified.  She didn't need to share the green with her nursery friends.  Anyway, I thought I was going to snap a cute picture of us on the hay ride.  Instead, I got this- snot and all.  Just keeping it real.  It was that kind of day. 

I did, however, let her make her way to this genius corn pit.  I guess that's what it's called.  Whatever it was, she *loved* it.  It was like a giant sensory bin and she loved every second of it.  I waited until the end of the festival to let her do this kind of thing just so I could keep her germs away from the others, but I'm so glad I let her in there.  She was such a happy little girl. 

All in all, it was a great day, a beautiful day for a Fall Festival.  In fact, here's a shot I took after I drove up to church yesterday.  So pretty. 

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